The support and understanding of the parents is crucial for the child’s success. In order for the children to make all the progress they are capable of parents and teachers have to work together. Another way of saying this is that Curative Pedagogy has two branches, the work of the curative educator and the work of the curative parent. To further this, parent mentoring is offered monthly to all families enrolled at Mulberry.

One of the first things we do in mentoring is form a picture together of the child’s highest self. It is our belief in the child’s highest capacities that will create the possibility for the child to manifest that capacity. Children are not the only ones who have been harmed by labeling. Parents have been wounded every bit as much as children by labels. Often those labels have created fear. This is the first thing we try to do together in mentoring, we have to get past our fears for what might be and look at the child, believe in the child.

Another big aspect of mentoring is practical strategizing. How do I help my child through difficult transition times? How do I have appropriate boundaries at home? How can I make a home rhythm that supports my family? How do I set up logical consequences for my child’s behavior and not resort to punishment? This is the work we do in mentoring.