Study Groups


Once a month we offer a study of Curative Education. We go through Rudolf Steiner’s lectures systematically, moving from the theoretical to the practical.

The study is open to anyone interested in knowing more about the pedagogical philosophy behind our work.


“Curative Education” is the name of a book, a compilation of lectures given by Rudolf Steiner. These lectures were originally in German and the title translates as “Lectures on Healing Pedagogy”.

They were given to a group of teachers interested in working with children in need of a deeper level of care or healing—one that would not be practical in the setting of a large Waldorf School.

The first Waldorf School was founded in 1919. The Curative Course was given in 1924. Since their inception they were meant to be mutually supportive. Today there are more and more children in need of this kind of support and insight.

Curative Education also serves many children in the larger classrooms. By working to educate teachers we are able to give them new insights and tools to support more children in the large class.