“Dad, Mulberry is the right school for me. It’s the school where I do everything right.”



“I am fortunate to have a Mulberry graduate in my 4th grade class of 28 students. This boy is extremely talented, gifted in math, careful in his writing, a beautiful cello player, spends much of his extra-curricular time in circus and building model airplanes, and is a hard worker at everything. He takes school very seriously and is a pleasure to teach. He is enthusiastic in his play and social life, and when he is occasionally over-exuberant in class, a simple reminder is all it takes to bring him back to himself, and we move on.”



“Mulberry gave me the tools I needed to do my best in the classroom environment. During my time there I grew to trust myself, and realize just how far my hard work could bring me. Today, even though I finished the program over 7 years ago, the tools I received at Mulberry to break down ideas and begin to think critically are ones that I employed and built on at the San Francisco Waldorf High School and now in college at Seattle University. Mulberry’s model for education and dedication to their students has the capacity to wholly change the student’s (and the family’s) outlook on life. [Mulberry gives] students a fresh start with teachers and a community that is 100% behind their students; high standards and a students’ full potential are worked toward in every lap they run, math problem they solve and story they hear or write. I engrained a deep sense of self-discipline and structure into my work during my year at the Mulberry Classroom. Both as a student myself and later as an assistant teacher at Mulberry I have experienced and witnessed the profound changing of paradigms a student can go through when confronted by one’s challenge and being given the tools to overcome them.”



“My son was at Mulberry Farm for 2nd and 3rd grades. I simply cannot speak highly enough about our time there. Through the parent mentor meetings we were asked to parent the child we were given, and not attempt to chang who he was or who he needed to be. My son was not only seen for exactly who he was, he was honored and cherished for all of himself. He was taught to his abilities and his strengths, not his “weaknesses”. He was held accountable and he was asked to reach for his full potential. My son is now in 8th grade at Summerfield Waldorf School, in a class of 30, and he is thriving. I am ever grateful for our time at Mulberry Farm. It changed our lives indefinitely.”