Our Day

Our day starts with movement. We begin with walking and running, move into practical nature and gardening chores, and then work with therapeutic gymnastics.  

The work we do comes directly from Steiner’s Curative Course. The roots of therapeutic gymnastics are found in the tasks of the first year of life.

Our students receive their academic support in small groups, in small classrooms that help the children feel comfortable.

We don’t begin our academic day until later on in the morning. Because the students have spent the first two hours of the day moving, they come to their academic work centered and prepared to make progress.

After lunch we do the activities that are part of Waldorf Education in the traditional setting. Students learn woodworking, handwork, painting, beeswax and clay modeling, flute and recorder. Every spring we end our year with a play, written for and performed by the children.

We have high expectations, and anticipate each child doing his or her best.