Teacher Training

The purpose of this course is to guide students toward a comprehensive understanding of the pedagogical principles of curative education as outlined in Steiner’s work. It is offered as scaffolding for the student’s own developing understanding of the book, Curative Education.

We offer a 3 year training program for teachers who are interested in furthering their professional and personal development. Students will attend classes and observations at Mulberry Farm, a curative program located in Santa Rosa, California.

1st year. A systemic presentation of the concepts and tools contained in the curative course. The goal is to provide a framework of inner comprehension which will enable the student to begin to work independently.

Lectures and Observations. The class will meet bi-monthly, from January through June for lecture and discussion. Together, the student and instructor will develop a schedule of observation blocks. Mentoring will be available by the instructor for the duration of the course. 1st year students work to create Mulberry camp as their practicum.

2nd year. Practical Internship. Designed to meet each student’s individual goals and objectives. Mentoring will continue for the duration of the course. Begins in September and continues through May. We systematically go through Curative Education and have group discussions.

3rd year. .  Each student will design a project; some way that they will begin to work with Curative Education practically. Individual mentoring will continue month. Begins in September and continues through May. We study the “Seven Life  Processes” by Koenig .

The Enrollment Process:
The following prerequisites must be met:
-Completion of the foundation year in Anthroposophy
-Completion of Waldorf Teacher Training, or simultaneous enrollment in a teacher training course

To apply, download application here.

Complete the application form and submit to the address listed below along with a processing fee of $50. Please make checks payable to Robyn Brown.

Include two letters of recommendation.

Please contact me  to schedule an interview.

A nonrefundable deposit of $250 is due upon acceptance into the program. This will be applied toward tuition.

Tuition is $1,200 for first year. Subsequent years are $600 per year. Payment installments may be arranged.

Mail To:
Robyn Brown
c/o Mulberry Classroom
2200 Northpoint Parkway, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

You may also email the application form to:

“The Curative education training has helped me to see children in a completely new way. Morning movement with a class of young children has not only impacted their ability to absorb the day’s lesson, but has improved the quality of their social interactions, their ability for empathy, their sense of balance, and respect for each other. It has revealed the children’s needs and strengths in a similar way to how learning to draw and paint has connected me with the beauty of the natural world around me.

“I feel very grateful for the work Robyn is doing and what it has brought to my teaching. I can experience a very deep joy when I see the children walk and ‘reveal the day’s work to me’.”

—Saskia Potliof-Barlow